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Unplanned scenarios: Hello friends, usually  we hear everyone say that the unplanned trips are always the best because the planned trips never happen. Not only a trip, even a planned schedule will never happen properly. I understood this in our recent trip to Varkala. The day before: My hometown is Sivakasi but I study in Coimbatore .So,having finished all my  tough semester exams ,I packed my things and decided to leave to Sivakasi with a little hope that I would pass in all my subjects. I had booked a semi sleeper bus for  the night's travel, in which I met some of my school friends. It was so nice meeting them all after a very long time. The bus journey from Coimbatore  to Sivakasi takes more than six hours. After reaching Sivakasi,all of us went to our respective houses and rested for the whole day due to the tiring bumpy bus ride. In the evening, one of my friend called and asked me whether we could go to Varkala, the next day. I said "yes", knowing the

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